7zipPortable 7zip
ArmbianBuilding and populating sdk for cross compile
BackupBackup projects of existing
CygwinPackagePortable Cygwin for building in Windows
doxygenGenerator for code documentation
esp-open-sdkesp-open-sdk builds
gcc-arm-none-eabiGCC toolchain for arm microcontrollers
gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihfCross toolchain for arm boards
GitPortable git
gzipgzip mirror
ICUICU builds
libptpPicture Transfer Protocol Library
mbedtlsSecure transport layer implementation for embedded devices
Mingw-w64GCC for Windows 64 & 32 bits
NinjaPortable Ninja
openocdDebugger tool for ARM
Opensslopenssl builds
OrangePiZeroOrange Pi Zero Related Infos from
STM32F2CubeSources for STM32F2xx microcontrollers
STM32F3CubeSources for STM32F3xx microcontrollers
STM32F4CubeSources for STM32F4xx microcontrollers
StrawberryPerlPortable perl version
SubversionPortable version of svn
WinFlexBisonflex-bison will be required to build Qt
WinPythonPortable python
WiXToolsetPortable WiX tools for creating Windows install packages
zlib : A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library